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Perhaps you know about Greystone's degree offerings and full courses. But do you know the whole Greystone? Fellowship in the Word of God and the service of his Church is the lifeblood of Greystone's rigorous theological work in the advanced degree programs pursued via our various Learning Communities. But the majority of interested, educated Christians are not in need of a Greystone academic program, and we are persuaded that robust theological fellowship should not be limited to formal degree contexts. Thus, Greystone runs regular theological fellowship events and short-form courses alongside formal academic offerings advancing Christian wisdom and faithfulness. Our Learning Communities’ short courses, special lectures, roundtable reading groups, study days, conferences, and symposia punctuate the annual calendar as joyful moments where Greystone's identity and calling are brought into crisp focus.

What about those who, for reasons of distance or time, cannot easily reach a Greystone Learning Community? And how might the fruits of Greystone's innovative approach to theological study and fellowship be enjoyed in the ordinary flow of daily life? A truly nourishing theological diet depends in part upon the regularity--and not only the intensity or excitement--of prayerful, patient reflection on Holy Scripture and the Church's confessed faith.

To these ends, we have crafted a Membership which provides Greystone supporters truly unlimited online access to the entirety of our rapidly growing library online audio and video resources-- all of it. For the modest amount of $18 a month (the price of a paperback) or $198 a year (the cost of two full course audits), a Greystone Member subscriber enjoys unlimited access to all the resources added to our growing Greystone Connect library, which includes all full course lectures and supplemental materials (audit only), special lectures, study day and weekend lecture series, postgraduate seminars, Greystone Conversation episodes, and symposia and lecture events held by our Lydia Center for Women and Families.

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Support the advance of rigorous and fruitful Christian dogmatics, the theologically attentive study of the Bible as Holy Scripture, properly theological ethics, and the recovered "theology" in "pastoral theology"--all in the mode of confessional Reformed catholicity. We are grateful for your investment and fellowship in this important work.