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Greystone offers its courses to all interested and qualified students. Modules are offered in both full and auditing formats, residentially and online, and on subjects that span the vast range of topics in biblical, theological, historical, and ministerial study. It is not necessary to enroll in a program in order to take a Greystone module. To register for any course, click on a link below, or contact the Administration at Greystone offers courses to ThM, PhD, and other degree program students, but also offers courses to interested parties not in any academic program.


To audit as a non-residential distance student, making use of our online platform only, click here to visit our course library, where you can purchase audit access to any Greystone course.

Greystone Programs

To apply for the Greystone Certificate, our Reformed and Presbyterian Studies Program, or our Reformed Anglican Studies Program, please fill out the application below.

Visiting STudents

If you are a visiting student wanting to take a Greystone class within another institution's ThM or PhD program or to audit a course on site, as opposed to online, please fill out the application below.

academic programs

If you are a ThM or PhD student, note that through strategic partnerships, Greystone is pleased to offer fully accredited ThM and PhD options for qualified students in three concentrations: Holy Scripture, Christian Tradition, and Christian Dogmatics. Begin your application below!