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Greystone is a nonprofit global fellowship advancing theological understanding and practice in the mode of confessional Reformed catholicity through rigorous research, programs of study, and theological fellowship.


Many of Greystone’s fellows research at the top of their respective fields and collaborate with one another for publication. Greystone is also home to the Lydia Center for Women and Families, an active research and training center focused on biblical and theological work in the areas of gender, family, domestic violence, marriage and divorce theory, and children.


Greystone offers certificates in five concentrations: Holy Scripture, Christian Dogmatics, Church Tradition, Reformed & Presbyterian Studies, and Reformed Anglican Studies. Greystone also offers the Th.M. and Ph.D. in collaboration with select accredited institutions. You may apply for a program of study, register for an upcoming class, or become a a Member to gain auditor access to our entire audio/video library of courses and events.


Greystone has established learning communities in Coraopolis, Grove City, Cardiff, Oxford, and London, that maintain their own rich calendars of events. Even if you live too far from these learning communities, you can enjoy recordings of many of our study day lectures and course modules in our growing course library.


Throughout the year, Greystone hosts a broad buffet of events. The Greystone Wine Society pairs wine education with reflections on Christian scripture, theology, and tradition. Greystone Reading Rooms, led by Greystone fellows or other qualified specialists, are discussion groups that combine the congeniality of a book club with the theological richness of a class. See our calendar for upcoming study days, live lectures, or discussion events.


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What does Greystone look and sound like?

The best way to get to know Greystone, aside from contacting its leadership or talking to students, is to attend one of the events listed on the calendar or register for an upcoming course. In the meantime, enjoy two complimentary lectures that offer a sense of the work we do.

Appetizer: Foretaste, Faith, and Fullness

Mark Garcia reflects on the cultural history of the appetizer in order to more fully appreciate both the feast of Isaiah and the human experience of feasting—all of this at a Greystone Wine Society event in Coraopolis.

Leviticus as Christian Scripture

Working from important contributions made by old and recent readers of Leviticus, including Ephraim Radner, Richard Whitekettle, and others, this guide into Leviticus explores the difference ritual theology makes to issues of gender, Christian identity and hope, Christian reading and use of Scripture, and the Gospel.