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On the northwest side of Pittsburgh in the borough of Coraopolis, ten or fifteen minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport, the central site for Greystone Theological Institute is located at a street corner in the middle of town. From Coraopolis, Greystone serves the region of western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, a region historically strong in Reformed and Presbyterian churches.

Though there are several theological institutions in the surrounding region, Greystone is the only Reformed institution for hundreds of miles offering Th.M. and Ph.D. level programs through our degree partnerships. Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a Greystone partner institution in central Pittsburgh, trains Christians for Gospel ministry and service at the M.A. and M.Div. level, and Trinity School for Ministry, an Anglican institution in nearby Ambridge, also provides ministerial training. In service to these students and many others, Greystone in Coraopolis exists to provide excellent, rigorous, and effective postgraduate theological education and theological fellowship.

Alongside our postgraduate programs and research training, Greystone offers a variety of contexts for theological fellowship around great texts, ideas, and questions. Roundtable discussion and reading groups meet regularly, study days and special lectures are held at least twice annually, and workshops in problem areas of church and theological praxis provide opportunities for application of recent scholarship and traditional insights.

Greystone Coraopolis also features regular events and symposia in connection with our two dedicated research and educational centers, the Lydia Center for Women and Families and the Center for the Study of Ethics and Technology (CSET). Both centers target areas of special need in church and society, providing uniquely patient, charitable, and biblically driven guidance for faithful thought and practice.

To join Greystone’s Coraopolis Learning Community at our next event, or to find out more about what is on offer in Coraopolis, contact us today.

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Immanuel OPC
505 Chestnut Street
Coraopolis, PA 15108

Rev. Dr. Mark Garcia  Director, Greystone Corapolis Minister, Immanuel OPC

Rev. Dr. Mark Garcia
Director, Greystone Corapolis
Minister, Immanuel OPC