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O deued dydd pan fo awelon Duw yn chwythu eto dros ein herwau gwyw.
‘Bring the day when God’s breeze blows again over our withering acres.’

These few words, pulled from Iesu Yw, Garteh Glyn (‘Christ, the King’), evoke the wafting Welsh winds of nature and supernature, of a rustic countryside enthralling in its beauty and a history of Christianity marked with equally dramatic comings and goings. Greystone Cardiff exists to serve ‘God’s breeze’ through programmes in theological fellowship in Wales and western England.

A port city on the south coast of Wales, Cardiff (in Welsh, Caerdydd) is nestled on the Bristol Channel at the mouth of the River Taff where it meets the Severn Estuary. It was proclaimed the nation’s capital in 1955 and has enjoyed a series of developmental surges of late. The revitalized waterfront at Cardiff Bay includes the Wales Millennium Centre, home of the national opera, orchestra, theater and dance companies, plus shops at Mermaid Quay.

At about 150 miles (240 km) west of London, Cardiff is a major link on the thoroughfare joining England and Wales. As poets and musicians have explained for ages, Wales seems to pull the song right out of you, to force the poem from your lips, with a beauty and vivacity reflected in its famously kind, hospitable people. Prospective visitors think green when imagining what Wales must be like. And for good reason: vast acreage of private gardens were gifted to the city by former landowners so that Cardiff enjoys an unusually lavish blanket of an almost translucent green.

Ely Presbyterian Church

Within this energetic, strategically important, yet disarmingly tranquil world is Ely Presbyterian Church (Reformed), an active church for decades in the Ely region of the City. Ely Church, like the large-hearted and hardy Welsh as a whole, deliberately faces outward, proclaiming the life-giving Gospel to neighbors and friends in area communities and extending hands of fellowship to area brethren.

Ely Church hosts Greystone Cardiff precisely for this reason, endeavoring to nurture and deepen bonds with other faithful Christians in the riches of the confessional Reformed faith. Led by the minister, the Rev. Philip Haines, and supported by the Ely congregation, Greystone Cardiff organizes regular book discussion groups, study days, seminars, and conferences, as well as occasional full Greystone modules.

The aim of Greystone Cardiff is to cultviate a robust and thoughtful community of Reformed Christians advancing the work of Reformed theology and the witness of Reformed Churches for the glory of Jesus Christ in Wales and western England.

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Ely Presbyterian Church
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Rev. Philip Haines    Director, Greystone Cardiff  Minister, Ely Presbyterian Church

Rev. Philip Haines

Director, Greystone Cardiff

Minister, Ely Presbyterian Church