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Greystone Waco is a new theological fellowship serving students, scholars, clergy, and other thoughtful Christians throughout Waco, TX. Embodying and advancing the Greystone mission, Greystone Waco holds regular reading and discussion group events, study days, special lectures, and micro-courses on topics spanning the range of concerns in Scripture, the Christian tradition, Reformed dogmatics, and ethics.

Greystone Waco launches on November 5, 2018 with a special lecture event featuring Dr. Mark A. Garcia, President of Greystone Theological Institute. Dr. Garcia will present on “The Christ of Reformed Catholicity,” exploring the intersection of the liturgical and eucharistic Christ of catholicity in Ignatius of Antioch with the confessional, catholic Reformed theological tradition commended through Greystone. For more information, and to register, visit the registration portal here.

Greystone Waco is led by the Rev. Jason Kirklin (Director) and Mr. Jonathan Tomes (Assistant Director). Write today for more information.

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