ThM and PhD

Greystone offers fully (ATS) accredited ThM and PhD programs through strategic, groundbreaking partnerships. Greystone’s three postgraduate program concentrations are Christian Dogmatics (including ethics and apologetics), Holy Scripture, and Christian Tradition. The ThM program consists of course modules plus either a research thesis project or two additional capstone modules. Both the Greystone ThM and PhD programs require reading facility in Hebrew and Greek, and Latin is strongly recommended and ordinarily expected for completion of either program. (See Greystone Latin with the Davenant Latin Institute.)


Summer 2018

CT 737/937: PETER LOMBARD’S SENTENCES: THEOLOGICAL ENGAGEMENT WITH THE CHRISTIAN TRADITION. A postgraduate Guided Reading/Independent Study Module by Dr. Atria A. Larson (Please note that this is an advanced directed reading course module which includes an online orientation lecture, three online meetings with the class and professor, extensive reading, and a paper. This version of the Greystone Lombard course does not include a full series of lectures, focusing instead on the extensive reading in the literature and issues of interpretation.)


CD 750/950: REFORMED CATHOLICITY by Dr. Mark A. Garcia

CD 753/953: THEOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY by Dr. Mark A. Garcia


The Greystone ThM & PhD in partnership with Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (“PRTS”) and Greystone Theological Institute (“GTI”) have inaugurated a strategic partnership for the establishment of a collaborative Master (ThM) and Doctoral (PhD) Program. This strategic partnership exemplifies our vision of the strengthening and sharing of resources in the service of the academy and church. Students of GTI can continue and complete their studies at PRTS with an accredited ThM and / or PhD degree. Students of PRTS can take courses at GTI in support of their studies at PRTS.

GTI was founded in 2015 as an innovative and collaborative effort in top tier theological education in the mode of confessional Reformed catholicity with the purpose of advanced study, training in scholarship, ministerial refreshment, fellowship in theology, and collaboration in fresh work in Scripture, theology and ethics. The Institute, based in western Pennsylvania, organizes academic programs and theological fellowship in Learning Communities in Coraopolis and Grove City, PA; Oxford and London, England; and Cardiff, Wales; and online everywhere through Greystone Connect.

Founded in 1995, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is an accredited educational institution for granting the MA, MDiv, ThM, and PhD degrees. Its mission is to prepare students worldwide to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry. The seminary numbers close to 150 students, has ten professors, twenty globally renowned scholars as adjunct faculty, and a support staff of twelve.

We trust that, by God’s grace, this newly established cooperative program, which stresses both solid Reformed academic training and vital piety, will serve and strengthen the church and the academy worldwide in unprecedented ways.
— Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
This new collaborative program is the culmination of GTI’s commitment to seek to advance the Reformed theological tradition by taking full advantage of developments in scholarship with a persistent vision for what is good for the work of the Church throughout the world. Partnership with PRTS is a strategic and timely key to fulfilling that commitment.
— Mark A. Garcia, President of Greystone Theological Institute

In addition to the Greystone course of modules and mentored research, successful students enter the PRTS degree program to complete their studies. The degree is granted by PRTS and, for students who have completed the GTI program, GTI is included on the PRTS diploma. Prospective students should note that while GI provides unusually extensive support, mentorship, and resources, the GTI program is rigorous. Students typically report that GTI modules and standards are more rigorous than comparable programs in which they have participated. Therefore, to ensure success in the Greystone-PRTS program, students should carefully review all GTI requirements and all the relevant PRTS program and admissions information (ThM and PhD).

Application and Registration for the Greystone ThM and PhD open imminently. Check back here for more information, or contact Greystone at today.