Our Learning Communities

A Greystone Learning Community is a local network of learners who meet in person for regular events such as public lectures, the Greystone Roundtable or Reading Room discussion series, study days, and conferences. Select Learning Communities also run full modules on site. Greystone's central location and principal Learning Community is on a street corner in the middle of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, ten minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport. Greystone is the sole provider of regular advanced (postgraduate) confessional Reformed theological education for western Pennsylvania and the surrounding region.

We also recently launched a Learning Community in Grove City, PA, where a wide range of scholarly and cultural topics are explored through special lectures and discussion events. Greystone UK includes Learning Communities in Oxford, the quintessential university town for which Greystone provides the only option for advanced Reformed theological study; in Cardiff, partnering with Ely Presbyterian Church (Reformed) in service of western England and Wales; and in London, partnering with The Pastors' Academy at London Theological Seminary for the provision of a top-tier ThM modular program in service of the UK, Europe, and beyond.

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