Upcoming Course Announcement

Announcement! July 1-5 ST 740L (WTS London): The Theological Virtues: Faith, Hope, and Love (Dr. Garcia) Purpose:

To acquaint students with the exegetical, historical, and theological dimensions of the three theological virtues in Scripture and tradition; To instruct students in the integration of biblical and systematic theological labors with questions in ethics and apologetics; To model theological inquiry by exploring the problem of evil and suffering as illuminated in Scripture and tradition by the theological virtues; To introduce and interact with contemporary voices in theological exegesis and ethics from the perspective of catholic, confessional Reformed theology

Topics include: the theological exegesis of the places in Scripture where the virtues triad is thought to occur, including the question of its origins; the virtues in the work of Augustine, Aquinas, Lombard, modern theology, and in contemporary virtue theorists and ethicists such as Stanley Hauerwas, Alisdaire MacIntyre, and Oliver O’Donovan; the relationship between the theological virtues and the problem of evil and suffering in Reformed theology; and the forms the theological virtues take in Church and Christian life.