Welcome to The Quarry

It is a pleasure to introduce you to the official blog of Greystone Theological Institute, a wide-ranging yet focused initiative in collaborative scholarship and mentorship in Reformed theology, biblical studies, and ethics. This blog home for Greystone has its origins in an earlier iteration of the Institute called "Wince+Sing." The spirit of Wince+Sing--the mission, blog content, as well as the reason for the name--remain alive and well in this new arena of Greystone's official blog. The name "Wince+Sing" pulled from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. In "No worst, there is none," a meditation on profound grief and suffering, Hopkins speaks of those who, "on an age-old anvil, wince and sing." With a view to both sides of that picture, Greystone explores the Christian Scriptures with a view to that fecund intersection of Christian faith and life, yielding that old yet ever new Christian vision of reality that succumbs neither to naively triumphalism nor pessimistic fatalism. We hear the call of faith in Christ as a call to live within the Christ-"hypothesis" of Holy Scripture (as Irenaeus famously called it), believing Scripture truly to be a world to be inhabited by faith rather than mere text on a page. Thus, Greystone humbly but joyfully plunders the limitless wonders of the life indelibly marked by both "wincing" and "singing" because it is a life lived in union with the crucified yet ascended Lord, in the communion of his Body spanning space and time, and in confident hope of resurrection.

In a similar vein, Hopkins also memorably wrote of "God's Grandeur" displayed in all his creation, of the splendor of his ineffable glory surrounding human existence and visible to the eye of faith. In the same spirit, and in the same Spirit, Greystone provides resources in various media to encourage a thoughtful Christian life in God's beautiful yet harried world, the exercise of faith, hope, and love in the continuing story of his Church. The Quarry serves that end by facilitating the scholarly and thoughtful collaboration for which Greystone is known.

We welcome you, then, to the work of The Quarry, a blog of observations and brief studies, a quarry of collected insights from which we pray jewels old and new will be regularly unearthed. We have brought all the posts from the older Wince+Sing blog over here to the Quarry, and intend to resume some of the series that were there left to hibernate while Greystone completed its first major stage of development. Here, then, you will find biblical and theological resources for Christian scholarship, education, and devotion; reader's notes on publications of significance; notices of events and opportunities; and updates on the scholarly work of Greystone's fellows and friends--all from a perspective consonant with and expressive of a comprehensively catholic and deeply Reformed, confessional Christian faith. I warmly invite you to join the constructive work and conversation which are the Greystone Way.