Thinking Theologically About Technologies of Knowledge


Alan Jacobs, currently at Baylor University, was a long-time professor of English at Wheaton College. As someone with a professional interest in words and language, it is not surprising that he has given careful attention to technologies of knowledge. In 2011, he published, The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, a wise and irenic meditation on the practice of reading. More recently, he posted 16 theological theses on technologies of knowledge, which were prepared for a faculty seminar at Wheaton. They are a helpful model of how to begin thinking theologically about technology. Here are two of Jacob's theses for your consideration.

(12) There is no power-knowledge regime under which the Gospel cannot be preached and the Christian life practiced. God will not leave us comfortless, even if He allows our codices to be taken away.

(13) If we value codices, we should strive to preserve them. But we can only do this if we first think critically and seriously about why we love them — what virtues they embody that we do not want to lose.

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