The Lydia Center


Greystone’s Lydia Center for Women and Families has been formed to advance research and provide resources in the areas of women, marriage and family, and children. Through the Lydia website and blog, and especially through lecture events, symposia, publications, and workshops, the Lydia Center encourages collaboration among scholars in biblical, theological, historical, and linguistic disciplines for research output that is serviceable to clergy and laypersons, Christian academic and religious institutions, and families. The mission of Lydia is to develop and foster theologically coherent and Scripturally determined guidance to major questions and concerns in the Christian community, and to do so from within the rich context of confessional Reformed catholicity. While the scope of academic interest is inevitably vast, Lydia organizes research and educational endeavors in the following key areas:

  1. Biblical, historical, theological, ethical, and linguistic analyses of the nature and telos of man and woman;

  2. Man and woman created as both purposefully distinct and fully complementary;

  3. Marriage roles and responsibilities, divorce theory, including the complex dangers of patriarchy in Scripture, history, and society;

  4. The critical importance of biblical hermeneutics of gender and family which distinguish descriptive from normative texts, and which investigate in a theologically fruitful way the Torah function of biblical narrative;

  5. Children as creatures with integrity, voice, and status within Scripture and the Christian tradition