Greystone is pleased to host the Greystone Theological Research Center at our primary site in Coraopolis/Pittsburgh, PA. This Center is hosted in partnership with the Puritan Research Center of the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI (PRTS). The Center's activities revolve around an extraordinary collection of research databases accessible to our students and faculty through this strategically valuable collaboration. These databases include vast collections of primary texts from throughout the history of the Church, as well as academic journals and publication series in many fields of importance to scholarship. Greystone runs regular events, leads reading seminars, and guides research connected to these texts with a view to recovering long overlooked theological treasures, renewing classic reading and thinking practices, and advancing Reformed theological scholarship. Greystone members working at Greystone Coraopolis may access the Center's resources, and all patrons and members of the Greystone community may participate in the calendar of events.

The Greystone Theological Research Center resources are being organized and will be made available on this page soon. Thank you for your patience.