Latin @ GTI


Greystone offers fully (ATS) accredited ThM and PhD programs through strategic, groundbreaking partnerships. Greystone’s three postgraduate program concentrations are Christian Dogmatics (including ethics and apologetics), Holy Scripture, and Christian Tradition. The ThM program consists of six (6) full modules plus either a research project or two additional capstone modules. Both the Greystone ThM and PhD programs require reading facility in Hebrew and Greek, and Latin is strongly recommended and ordinarily expected for completion of either program. For Latin instruction, Greystone partners with the Davenant Latin Institute.

In the summer of 2018 the Davenant Latin Institute are offering, for the fourth consecutive year, two online four-week intensive Introduction to Theological Latin courses, as well as, for the first time, two somewhat less intensive Intermediate Latin Reading courses focused on reading Reformed Confessions in Latin.

They will also offer two residential courses at their facility in upstate South Carolina, Davenant House. The first, the Residential Intensive Intermediate/Advanced, from May 21-29, is designed for students who already have a good grasp of the Latin basics, and want to rapidly improve their ability to use the language for reading, translation, and speaking. The second, the Residential Intensive Intro, from July 6-14, is designed for students just starting out, who want to rapidly build Latin fluency, as well as for Latin teachers seeking to improve their pedagogy.

Students registering for all these courses by April 13th will receive a considerable early registration discount. Students must inform Davenant of their Greystone status. Register using the links below.

Introduction to Theological Latin

Intermediate Latin Readings

Residential Intensive Intermediate/Advanced

Residential Intensive Introduction