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Individuals may lead great works of renewal and revitalization, but institutions are needed for those efforts to bring lasting change.

Whether through accredited postgraduate programs or the cultivation of rich theological communities of fellowship and conversation, Greystone is an institution that aims for long-term service, not merely immediate results.

For such a project, patrons are needed who will partner with one another to advance a shared vision of high-quality and rigorous theology, focused mentorship, and deliberate fellowship and collaboration in the mode of Reformed catholicity. Historically, patrons are one way God has blessed the otherwise impossible work of his people. God once raised up William Tyndale an English preacher, and Humphrey Monmouth a wealthy cloth merchant, to steer their nation back to faith in Jesus Christ. Tyndale the preacher and Monmouth the patron combined to make great and lasting things possible. They both had a part to play. Similarly, God joined a single-minded patroness, Lady Huntingdon, and a passionate preacher George Whitefield to revive a nation asleep to the gospel. (These stories, and more like this one can be found at the Gospel Patrons website.)

However little or much you have, you too can be a patron of Reformed theological education and mentorship.

Greystone invites you to join the work as a patron, in any amount and in any frequency. Your investment is strategically effective and greatly appreciated.

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