Course Schedule

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Fall 2019

Job as Christian Scripture | REGISTER (see video below)

Dr Don Collett | Greystone Connect

Isaiah as Christian Scripture | REGISTER

Dr Craig A Carter | Greystone Coraopolis | Oct. 28-Nov. 1, one-week intensive

Studies in New Testament Theology | REGISTER

Dr Mark A Garcia | Greystone London | September 2-5, one-week intensive

Studies in the Reformed Confessions: Gender, Divorce, Milton, and the Contexts of WCF 24 | REGISTER (see overview description below)

Dr Mark Garcia | Greystone Coraopolis and live-streamed | Thurs & Fri, 6-9 pm & Sat. 8 am-12 on October 3-5; November 7-9, and November 14-16

Christian Syriac: Language and Literature | REGISTER (see video below)

Dr Matthew Albanese | Online and live-streamed | Mondays, 10 AM (EST) | 2-semester program of 2 courses, one in Fall 2019 and one in Spring 2020


Reformed Catholicity | REGISTER

Dr Mark A Garcia | Greystone London | January 2020, one-week intensive


The Psalms as Christian Scripture | REGISTER (opens Nov. 1)

Dr Byron G. Curtis | Greystone Coraopolis and live-streamed | March 9-13

History of Christianity & Science | REGISTER (opens Nov. 1)

Dr Jason M. Rampelt | Greystone Connect

Reformed Casuistry: Scripture, Law, and Life | REGISTER (opens Nov. 1)

Dr Mark A Garcia | Greystone Coraopolis and live-streamed | Thursdays and Fridays (6-9 pm) and Saturdays (9-12) on Feb. 6-8, March 5-7, & April 2-4

Reformed Catholicity | REGISTER (opens Nov. 1)

Dr Mark A Garcia | Greystone Coraopolis and live-streamed | Wednesdays, 10 am to 12 Noon (EST), Feb. 5 to April 29


Studies in Reformed Ecclesiology | REGISTER (opens Feb. 3)

Dr Alan A Strange | Location TBD | one-week intensive; dates TBD

Richard Hooker Among the Theologians | REGISTER (opens Feb. 3)

Dr Brad Littlejohn | Greystone Coraopolis and live-streamed | one-week intensive; dates TBD

[More courses to be added]

FALL 2020

[Courses added soon]

Spring 2021

Early Modern History & Theology | REGISTER (opens summer 2020)

Dr Jason M Rampelt | Greystone Coraopolis and live-streamed | schedule TBD

Herman Bavinck Among the Theologians | REGISTER (opens summer 2020)

Dr N. Gray Sutanto | Greystone London | one-week intensive; dates TBD

[More courses to be added]

Summer 2021

Gratian and Canon Law | REGISTER (opens spring 2021)

Dr Atria Larson | Greystone Coraopolis | one-week intensive; dates TBD

[More courses to be added]

Ref Conf-Garcia Milton WCF 24.jpg


This module explores specific aspects of the historical, theological, and political “intellectual biography” of, and contexts for, the language of the Westminster Confession of Faith on marriage and divorce (WCF 24, esp. sect. 6). This module focuses on the Westminster Assembly’s complicated relationship to the Augustinian and canon law traditions on gender and marriage, and to the writings of contemporary divorce polemicist, John Milton, who dedicated the first of his divorce treatises to the Assembly. The textual center of this module is the Anonymous Answer (pamphlet) to Milton, published within the context of the Assembly but not as an official Assembly document. Examining and interpreting this document in its entirety in context, this module is designed as a lecture and seminar exercise in close reading of one text with a view to the expanding circle of its important contexts. It is a case study in the interpretation, personal and ecclesiastical, of an early modern, historically significant, and theologically complicated text touching on topics of immense classical and current interest.

Christian Syriac: Language and Literature—online with Dr. Matthew Albanese

When knowledge and theological use of Syriac died away after the rise of Islam, many treasures of the Eastern Church were lost to the Western Church. Studying Syriac and its theological literature will help us recover a more ancient and Semitic Christianity.

Job as Christian Scripture—in Coraopolis with Dr. Don Collett

A wide-ranging exploration of the Old Testament book of Job with an eye to textual, contextual, theological, and canonical facets to a faithful Christian reading. Such a reading helps readers tie several themes together to talk about the character of God address the text’s central question: Where is wisdom to be found?

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  • Four weeks early. The registration deadline for summer courses and all one-week intensive courses is four weeks before the first class meeting. After the registration deadline, a late fee of $75 will be added to the registration fee. After the official start date for the class, registration is allowed only by special permission (contact the Administrator at info@greystoneinstitute.org).

  • Mandatory video conferences. Note that, except for Live-Stream classes, all Greystone Connect (online) classes include at least three (3) required video-conference sessions with the instructor (or someone approved by the instructor). The dates for these three (3) sessions will be determined by the instructor after the course student list is finalized.

  • Note for degree-seekers. Students in Greystone partner degree programs who intend for their Greystone class to count for credit in their “home” institution’s degree program must identify themselves accordingly when registering for a Greystone class. Auditors are welcome in any class and register online.

  • Classes may be cancelled. As with any Greystone class, Greystone reserves the right to cancel any of the following classes in the event of insufficient student registrations.

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Summer 2019 Course Schedule


Christianity in Late Antiquity (Dr. Mark W. Graham) | greystone coraopolis | REGISTER

Course Codes: CD733P (ThM)/CD933P (PhD): Greystone Coraopolis/Pittsburgh | CD733D (ThM)/CD933D (PhD):  Greystone Connect (Live-Stream only)

Dates/Time: June 17-21, 2019 | 8:30 am – 3:30 pm EST (GMT +05:00) (Friday session concludes at Noon)

Location(s): Greystone Coraopolis | Greystone Connect (Live-Stream only)

Format: Taught

Course Credit Hours: 3 (N.B. 3 credit hours is the standard full/maximum credit per course in the US college and university system)

Description: The rise of Christianity stands as arguably the most far-reaching social, cultural, political, intellectual, and spiritual shift in human history.  During the period known as Late Antiquity, between the third and seventh centuries, the Christian movement was grounded in fundamental ways – most of the major Church Fathers lived, wrote, and taught during this era; six of the seven ecumenical councils met to affirm basics of Christian orthodoxy; and a variety of Christian practices, such as asceticism and pilgrimage, arose which continue to shape various branches of Christianity today.  At the same time, the movement was growing exponentially in numbers and reach, spreading out from its Mediterranean and Near Eastern home to stretch from the British isles to China and from northern Europe to Nubia and Yemen.  During this era, the “One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church” worshipped in languages and cultural expressions ranging from Latin and Greek to Syriac, Armenian, Axumite, Arabic, and even Mandarin Chinese.  This course explores the backdrop as well as key figures, major historical moments, and central teachings and practices of Christianity during this watershed period of history.

Topics in the Holy Spirit, by Dr. Lane Tipton | Greystone London | Register

Course Codes: CD771L (ThM)/CD971L (PhD): Greystone London | CD771D (ThM)/CD971D (PhD):  Greystone Connect (Live-Stream only)

Dates/Time: June 24-28, 2019 | 9 am – 3:30 pm BST (2-8:30 pm EST) (Friday session concludes at Noon)

Location(s): Greystone London [@ The Pastors’ Academy] | Greystone Connect (Live-Stream Only)

Format: Taught

Course Credit Hours: 3 (N.B. 3 credit hours is the standard full/maximum credit per course in the US college and university system)

Description: This course is designed to deepen understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in covenant theology. It will consist of a series of close reads of biblical texts that focus on the integration of image of God and covenant, with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit and eschatology. Special attention will be given from an exegetical perspective to the redemptive-historical character and systematic theological implications for developing a reformed theology of the Holy Spirit. The lectures will seek to build on a short but focused required reading list.


Peter Lombard’s Sentences: Theological Engagement with the Christian Tradition (Dr. Atria A. Larson) | greystone connect | REGISTER

Course Codes: CT737D (ThM)/CD937D (PhD):  Greystone Connect (Live-Stream only)

Dates: Summer

Location(s): Greystone Coraopolis | Greystone Connect (Live-Stream only)

Format: Seminar/Guided Reading/Independent Study

Course Credit Hours: 3 (N.B. 3 credit hours is the standard full/maximum credit per course in the US college and university system)

Description: Encounter the great texts of the Christian tradition through the most familiar of medieval school guides, the Lombard's famous Sentences. This is a postgraduate guided reading/independent study module on the context, content, and legacy of Peter Lombard's extraordinarily influential Sentences. Includes sustained engagement with the texts of Augustine, Hilary, Ambrose, Gregory, and others through the lens provided by Lombard. This module is structured as follows: one (1) orientation lecture provided online, followed by 12 weeks of readings and 3 scheduled (online video-conference) class-wide seminar discussion times. After the schedule of readings is completed, one research paper is required.

JOB by Dr Don Collett

Coraopolis/Pittsburgh, PA & Live-stream via Greystone Connect

Mon-Wed, 8:30 am to 4 pm, Oct 15-17 | Fridays, 6-9 pm, Oct 26 & Nov 9