Become a Greystone Member

Fellowship in the Word of God and the service of his Church is the lifeblood of Greystone's mission in our various Learning Communities. For many who are not students in a Greystone academic program, our special lectures, Roundtable reading groups, study days, Christianity and wine events, conferences, and symposia punctuate the annual calendar as joyful moments where Greystone's identity and calling are brought into crisp focus.

We deeply cherish this popular facet of what is affectionately called "the Greystone way." We believe that a fellowship is nurtured by the regularity--and not only the intensity or excitement--of time together. There is no substitute for time spent in community, that time which allows conversations to press well past the introductory and superficial pleasantries. For this reason, we deliberately feature hospitality at our events that includes food and beverages that take time to finish, that demand to be savored rather than hastily devoured, and comfortable spaces and unstructured break times that allow for natural fellowship. In short, we aim for a generally slower, patient approach to the topics and themes that require thoughtful consideration well past the first mention.

To these ends, and to encourage new friendships to become richer in the Greystone context, we have crafted a Membership which formalizes the privileges and benefits of regular, in-person communion at Greystone events. We would be delighted to welcome you into the regular flow of Greystone's communal life as a Member of our theological fellowship. Through a modest annual fee, members invest in their place in the Greystone community and advance the vision for it, enjoy discounted registration for Greystone events, complementary copies of publications, a free course audit, and other benefits. If you're interested, please contact us today for more information.